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June 4, 2023

The spread is currently the same as the Game 1 closing number, though one other straight market has actually seen a noticeable adjustment for Game 2. Let’s dive into it, with trader Spencer Fitzroy providing us additional context.

• Game 1 closing total: 218.5

• Game 2 opening total: 212.5

• Game 2 current total: 216

• Game 2 total insights: Over 52.8% tickets, 65.0% handle

Why did the Game 2 total open six points lower than what Game 1 closed at?

Fitzroy: “Tempo was definitely the biggest determining factor in total line-setting. Both teams were in the bottom 5 for possessions per minute during the regular season, and don’t seem to have wavered from that gameplan. But it only took one minute from opening for sharp bettors to consider that 212.5 an overreaction and move the line ⬆️ to 214.5.”