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May 16, 2023

The future of the NBA is about to be shaped. The winner of the Victor Wembanyama sweepstakes will finally be revealed in tonight’s NBA Draft lottery [8 p.m. ET].

We asked our trading team for the 2024 NBA title odds of each lottery team — with and without the No. 1 pick. Additionally, Head of Trading Kevin Lawler shares his expectation for betting action on Wembanyama’s new team.

Mavericks: +2000 (without) to +1500 (with)
Pelicans: +2800 to +2200
Raptors: +5500 to +4000
Thunder: +5500 to +4000
Trail Blazers: +12000 to +8000
Wizards: +15000 to +10000
Jazz: +15000 to +10000
Magic: +15000 to +10000
Pacers: +15000 to +10000
Hornets: +25000 to +15000
Spurs: +50000 to +25000
Rockets: +50000 to +25000
Pistons: +50000 to +25000

ASK THE TRADER: “Wemby Mania is a real thing. There hasn’t been this sort of buzz around the NBA draft since LeBron back in 2003. Wembanyama looks the real deal but landing him does not guarantee a deep run in the postseason in his rookie year. We don’t expect to see that flurry of futures championship tickets for the lottery winner unless he lands somewhere really interesting like New Orleans, Toronto, or OKC.”